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I did something extremely odd today. At least my dear husband said: "Crazy!" when he heard that I went swimming today. In the middle of ice… It was my first time, trying this maniac Finnish winter hobby – but I think it wasn't the last time.

Tomorrow I will try something else, even worse; slalom. It won't be the first time, but it's too long since I tried it last time. I hope I won't regret. Or maybe I could give up the plan. Or maybe I won't have time to try it because I need to look after our pupils.


Today we visited an old couple who had their 20th anniversary. They had many visitors. It was nice to meet all of them too at the same time.  And we happened to speak about politics and election. How come?


I'm sorry I haven't had opportunity to write for some days. It always happens that when I have thoughts in my mind and many things to share, I have no time or possibility to write my "blogi" – and when I have time, the thoughts are lost, and so is the inspiration.

Now my friend's comment gave me a push to write some lines in English. Thanks to her. I wish you all nice weekend. Och alla finländare, glöm inte att rösta/ citizens, don't forget to vote/ älkää unohtako äänestää!