Watchman Nee: "Changed into His likeness"

I've been reading a great, marvellous, splendid book - for quite a while. In fact I have read it twice, first in English, then in Finnish chapter by chapter. It has been slow (and I haven't finished it yet), because I usually read in the bed until I fall asleep. And normally it doesn't take long. 
BUT. There is one big BUT. The translation in Finnish is very poor. I sometimes think that even I would have been able to do it better (at least some sentences Päättämätön). It seems like the translator would have translated simultanic while listening a speech. I have found several severe mistakes where the meaning is whole different from the original. Not to mention that the Finnish text is far from proper standard language. I wonder if there is somewhere a newer and better translation already made. This one we have has been published in 1974. 

Never mind. I will continue at least the English version. And when I have finished, I may start again, with a dictionary, a pencil and a note book. 

Anyway, I recommend all Nee's books to all Christians - and why not to others too - even if I myself didn't read them all yet Hymy