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I should feel guilty. But I feel angry and irritated. An old lady called me today – the  third time – to ask us to visit her. Even when I had promised we will come on Thursday, Friday or Saturday, because we are preoccupied until then. – However – it happened that I'm not free on Thursday either. This friend can be very demanding and bossing. It seems that she won't accept excuses.

It is so true, what my second cousin's son wrote in his homepage: there is a rule 20/80, which means that 20% of all people do 80% of all work. And in my opinion (and his…) it doesn't mean only the difference between rich and poor countries. It is the same problem in every sector of society, for example in every kind of volunteer tasks, like in all associations, which need keepers of accounts, secretaries, chairmen etc.

It is the 20% who can't say "No", if they are asked to help.

After the phone call I started to think about my priorities. The order of importance in my life should be something like this:

  1. my relation to Saviour

  2. my family –husband, kids, parents and sisters (also those sisters who are not the same blood with me)

  3. my work, as a teacher, after that also as a house keeper

  4. hobbies and free time


But sometimes there are situations when some people try to change my priorities and put a yoke or two on my burdened shoulders. Thank God there is a promise. That's why I chose the title.


But why did I choose the language? No idea and no sense. Maybe for Dalia's sake.