It is not a mistake, I meant to write "bald" instead of bold. Before to continue travel stories I tell something about yesterday. I watched Oprah. (Which I normally don't do.) There were 100 people who had a new hair cut, made by the most famous hair stylists. There was f.ex. one lady, who hadn't cut her hair since 1974. Sounds familiar to me... The hair stylists told that long hair combed behind makes you look older. Well, I don't care. BUT this morning I cut a bit my front hair.

But what really happened yesterday. Our youngest son has been telling me that I should cut his hair, all of it. So, we decided to do it in the evening. I started slightly, just shortening, but he was determined on having a baldhead. I was scared and doubtful, but I did what I was asked to. It was at least as hard as cutting his big brother's long pony tail last summer. The youngest tried to encourage me by saying "it will grow back". 

He doesn't look bad. The shape of his head is nice, round, without any lumps. But still...

Daddy took a photo, but I won't add it here. I don't want to spread any photos of my kids. Not when they are bald.